Friday, 15 November 2013


This week was really busy at work and I ended up today having to take the day off work ill; having come down with a cold/flu type illness so sorry if this post isnt the most informative, but I thought it best to write something down while i have the opportunity.
Monday started with me beginning to compile linesheets for A/W14 bags, organising them into individual sheets dependant on what trend story they fell into and then on that bag dividing it up into 'backpacks, crossbodys, tote's etc..' all the bags are still in CAD format as this was a linesheet that i then sent over to the EU buyer who wanted it to go over with all the 'Heads' over in Chicago to decide which would then be approved to then be sent off to sampling to vendors. I enjoy doing this which some would find strange as its not creative in the slightest and is almost monotonous to do but I like being able to do something that doesnt require being creative or second guessing what a buyer wants you to draw (and then adjusting it several hundred times till its their vision not yours) its repetitive and systematic and I know that im doing it right and I like being able to get my head down and get on and do things like this from time to time.
On Tuesday I was recolouring a butterfly print which i have now produced around 50 recolours for, just to be told in the end to adjust slightly the original print we bought; To be honest it was disheartening and felt like id wasted weeks guessing what a buyer wanted; I think thats the thing im finding hardest is that Im constantly second guessing my own judgement because I feel too edgy for the buying teams and I know everything i do needs to be toned down but when im designing I sometimes feel disinterested upon having an amazing idea/drawing it/changing it/changing it/changing it until its the buyers vision not mine. I do however see that im having to learn to adapt and produce things for a target market that isnt my own and my ideas in there most natural state when theyve tumbled from my head arent suited for that market so slowly learning to adjust I know is expanding my skills.
On Wednesday/Thursday I was designing prints for scarfs; for this I used graphics from previous prints that Claires own and compiling them to produce both updated scarf designs and completely new ones which again i found scary because i was unsure if I was doing them right, I kept emailing them to the buyer and recieved positive feedback for an owl print i sent her and then was waiting for feedback on the others on Friday morning; which brings us to now: me ill sat on my bed writing this post! 

Lets Recap

I feel like I'm failing slightly juggling being a student alongside being a working 'adult', trying to write down what ive done every Friday has escaped me for the past month or so since I began working at 'Claires Accessories', I wake up at 6.20 am (6.30 am by the time ive had my daily snooze) and leave the house at 7.15am (7.20 am because my hairs not quite right so i end up running and ruining my hair) walk to Coventry train station and catch the 7.42 am train get into Birmingham New Street at approximately 8.10am catch the 8.15/8.25 am train to Gravelly Hill Street station and then walk 20 minutes to work; I then work an 8 and a half hour day and repeat the journey home returning home approx 7.15 pm..
that was tiring writing it/reading it back and to begin with living it, as a student i seldom made it out of bed for lectures and would find every excuse under the sun not to attend a 'full day'; but working at Claires Accessories feels like ive been reintroduced into the real world, and i feel inspired to wake up and go and be an environment of people where we work together, side by side, feeding off eachothers work and complimenting and not feeling like criticism is personal, because its not what ever is said to you is being said because your all working for a combined client that you need to please. I feel like at University when tutors say things about your work, youv'e worked tirelessly for the past 743829589 hours in the run up to a hand in/meeting and so your tired and you end up an emotional wreck and take everything they say to heart. Working at Claires Accessories i work a proper working day and when i finish at the end of the day I can go home and I can relax and I like that, I like the routine (something that i never thought id say).. and the thing is that if i needed to stay till 10pm to get something done at Claires I would because i feel capable in a work environment something i dont feel when im by myself in my room; this makes me feel like going into my third year at university in less than a years time isnt as scary anymore because I feel like im growing up and realising what I need to do to succeed; I want to be proud of myself and I feel taking a year out I can begin to see my goals more clearly and I feel excited by fashion; when i get home from work im scouring websites for internships/placements to apply for and im ordering pattern cutting books and looking into getting my own screen printing equipment. Claires isnt where i want to work forever, not because I dont enjoy it there but because theres so much more out there to explore and I miss getting my hands messy and drawing by hand and all the old fashioned things that arent found sat infront of a computer screen; and maybe nowadays there a rarity to find but as my computer skills grow to be inline with todays industry I feel like the added skills of being able to draw and enjoying it are something that make me stronger for potential employers and customers.